New video shows Rob Ford with Sandro Lisi

Rob Ford’s night out to Steak Queen didn’t end (or begin) with his incoherent rambling in a put-on Jamaican accent.

Another patron of the restaurant captured footage of the crack smoking mayor sitting casually at a table with his old friend Sandro Lisi, the man at the centre of the investiagtion of drug dealing, extortion, and criminal activity with roots in the mayor’s office.

This raises some important questions:

What are these two talking about?

Considering the intricate history that the two have it is possible they may have been discussing Lisi’s ongoing court case for which he is currently out on bail. Ethically should the mayor who has vowed to clean up his act be in late night meetings with a man believed to be a criminal?

Were drugs being consumed?

If the video showing Ford speaking unintelligibly and cursing at the counter of Rexdale eatery Steak Queen was shot after this meeting took place, is it possible that Ford and Lisi were taking part in a drug deal? It would make Ford quite the stupid man to buy drugs from the man who is currently facing charges associated with his drug dealing in quite the public light, but then again this is a man who has made many poor decisions.

Where are the police in all of this?

The police have admitted that they refrained from involving themselves with the ongoing saga of Ford and Lisi over the course of last summer, but with all the warrants associated with Project Traveler out in the open how can they possibly justify having no police surveillance on these two men as they meet in public once more?


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How tacky is it to sell things on Facebook?

We’ve all seen it.

“Hey, I was cleaning out my closet and itemised, catalogued, and photographed all of this stuff to be sold. Oh maaaaaaaan, there sure is some good stuff here!”

Maybe you’ve even been the one doing it.

“Hm, instead of donating all this old crap I could make a few quick bucks. Stacy did say she liked this top after all. And it was fifty bucks new when I bought it in 2009. I suppose there is no harm in making an album and selling a few things, right?”


My mother used to drag us around to yard sales on every spring and summer weekend looking for deals. On the right kind of day you’d see half a dozen just driving to the grocery store. We would stop at every single one and then stop again on the way back to get the things she wasn’t sure about the first time we were there.

There is a dignity associated with the yard sale. This is a family, couple, or person who has come to the end of their spring or summer cleaning and actually just has a bunch of stuff to get rid of. They’ve thrown it all out on the lawn and put a kid with a tin box on the hopes of scrounging up four dollars for their once priceless CD collection, or maybe a quarter for a Rocko’s Modern Life colouring book that is half finished.

By the end of the day the afternoon are mostly empty and you have to go knock on the door to get their attention. By supper time they’ve given up, folded up the card tables, and thrown everything left into a hamper with “FREE STUFF” written on a poorly torn piece of cardboard in front of it. Game over. They participated in the time honoured tradition of the yard sale whereby you are granted no more than eight hours a year in which you can shamelessly grub for money from your friends and neighbours for stuff that is worth little more than it’s kitsch value.

Although it exists in the digital world, Facebook peddling is still a violation of this ancient suburban rule.

Remember that one yard sale that was just a little ways out of town that would be going on all year? You stopped and looked a few times and it was the same old crates of coke bottles and dog eared Danielle Steele novels every time. The reason you felt uncomfortable at these extended yard sales, aside from the pitbull chained to the tree in the lawn, was because you already understood that they were violating this code.

In your mother’s generation it was Tupperware parties or AmWay that violated The Rule by trapping friends, family, and neighbours into situations where they felt obligated to buy something to avoid the risk of being rude to someone close. No one enjoyed this, save for perhaps the person without social skill who pinned them there.

Today we have Facebook peddlers to fill this role by trying to run their apartments as if they were stores. Let me be the one to tell you that whatever money you may gain is most likely lost tenfold in respect from your peers. If you need the money so badly you should try and sell it on Craigslist or at a pawn shop.

But they won’t give me a decent price for it on Craigslist or at a pawn shop. 

Then you can’t get a decent price for it, and expecting your friends to pay more doesn’t put then in a very high regard. If you can’t find a decent price for it then donate it to a non-profit drive like Goodwill or a local church

But this is too nice to be donated to some stranger.

Then donate it to your friends. In addition to saving your friends from feeling obligated or uncomfortable by seeing your used clothes tick by in their newsfeeds you’re saving yourself the social disgrace of being considered tacky.

Bottom line: If it’s still good keep it, if you can get a buck sell it to a stranger, if you can’t then give it away.

Doug Ford’s response to Janet Davis’ cuss was sexist and she deserves an apology of her own

Alright, it is pretty clear that Councillor Janet Davis didn’t make a wise decision when she walked up to Councillor Doug Ford today at City Hall and told him shut his “f–king mouth.” Was she vocalizing the thoughts of anyone who has ever seen this bully stomp around (and on) others? More than likely. But work is work, and although the Ford brothers have made this city’s governance evermore difficult to accomplish there is always a way to work around blind rage.

But Doug Ford’s response is what deserves analysis here.

Ford was well within his right to demand an apology, although I would guess that Ford demanded it less for actual hurt feelings and more for the show of stopping a meeting to call out a detractor, no doubt involved in the vast anti-Ford conspiracies that he and his brother spy around every corner in the days since the crack scandal broke wide open.

What Ford did wrong was to bring Coucillor Davis’ femininity into the equation while demanding an apology.

“You call yourself a lady? Give me a break.”

Um, what?

Ford isn’t accusing Davis of being a land owning wife of a Lord or even denoting any idea of respect with his question. Ford is calling up antiquated notions of what a woman is allowed to do and what a woman is allowed to say. By asking her if she calls herself a “lady” Ford is telling her to know her place, and that place is not to speak her mind, have a dissenting opinion, or disagree with a man.

Here’s some advice for Ford:

Ladies, or women as they are better known, are as capable as anyone else of cursing. In fact, women can curse a blue streak, they know all the same swears and even direct them at others when they are upset. Women are entirely capable of getting mad and having opinions, even those that run counter to a man’s — even those that run counter to yours, Doug.

Councillor Davis is not a woman in frills and a powdered wig, she is a thoroughly modern woman with a full time job representing the people in her ward, including the children whose after school programs wont get any more money after you rallied against their expansion, the program expansion that you cussed out yourself by calling it garbage and stupid.

Councillor Davis deserves to be treated as more than some antiquated notion of a lady, quiet and observant, that you might like her to be.

She gave her apology, now where’s yours?


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Toronto man proposes to his boyfriend online

Prepare to get your cry on when you watch this beautiful viral video of Toronto couple Michael and Dave (with a little help from friends, family, and even pets) recounting their history together and plans for the future in the lead up to Dave proposing.

And, while we live in Canada where the issue has long been put to rest, this is a great example of the amazing love that two people can share regardless of their gender. To anyone who might argue that gay people don’t deserve to get married, take a look at this video and tell me that there isn’t a tear running down your eye right around the four minute mark. Yep. That’s love.

From Women’s Post and Gay Post here is wishing Michael and Dave nothing but the best and many years of happiness in their lives together.

Eight best of the “Hipster Harper” meme

Stephen Harper a hipster? Hardly these days, but a photo of Harper in his youth clad in a plaid shirt with shaggy hair has inspired some on the internet to dub him a proto-hipster.

The memes centre around just what exactly a cooler-than-thou young Harper’s motivations would be for his less popular actions as Prime Minister.

Check out our favourite eight examples of the meme from around the web.


LOOK: Russian artists used only makeup to make these stunning optical illusions

And you thought you had makeup skills when it came to covering up that blemish.

Moscow photographer Alexander Khokhlov and makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan teamed up to create the most fascinating optical illusions we’ve ever seen crafted with makeup by using the models as canvases for eye-catching play with colour, shape, contour, and depth.

The series is called 2D or not 2D and is the latest collaboration from the pair who have previously spoofed characters from Angry Birds, among other things. This series aims to take the three dimensional canvas of the models’ faces and create 2D images over top of them, and they’ve succeeded admirably. Take a look below.


painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-1 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-2 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-3 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-4 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-8 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-9 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-11 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-12 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-14 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-15 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-16 painted-faces-alexander-khokhlov-18

GAYPOST: Here are 4 Google autofinish results that will make you scream

Gay people get a lot of shit from all sides.

Fundamentalist religious zealots? Check. Neo-nazi hate groups? Check. That guy who works at Subway who gives me stink eye and does an exceptionally poor job of making my sandwich ever since he saw me kiss a guy in there? Check.

But Google?

Google autofinish is a den of some of the most asked questions on the web, which is why it comes as a bit of a shock that some of these words end in such disgusting phrases. Granted, some of the opening words deal in absolutes, and contrary to the common misconception that only Sith deal in absolutes, so do a lot of ignorant pieces of homo hating human garbage.

Check out the autofinish results below and prepare to be upset.

1. “All gays…”

gaysAll gays go to hell.
All gays should be shot.
All gays must die.

What it should say:
All gays — are living breathing loving human beings just like everyone else


2. “Gays should…”

gays2Gays should be executed.
Gays should not adopt.
Gays should be shot.
Gays should not be allowed to adopt.

What it should say:
Gays should — love and respect themselves for who they are


3. “Gays must…”

gays3*This one even ghosts in the word die right in the search bar
Gays must die.
Gays must be put to death.
Gays must be killed.

What it should say:
Gays must — overcome so much in their lives and deserve the support of those around them


4. “I think gay…”

gay4I think gays are wrong.
I think gay is wrong.
I think gay marriage is wrong.

What it should say:
I think gay — people are very courageous for being true to themselves in spite of the opposition they receive.



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Submit your own positive autofinish below or tweet/Facebook it to us and we will post it up on the website.


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Transit Funding Options Released by Provincial Panel

The transit funding panel formed by Premier Kathleen Wynne has issued a report today recommending options to tackle increasing congestion and gridlock in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). While the report does its best not to call for controversial funding strategies, it lays out two options, both politically challenging, to achieve the dedicated transit funding the GTHA so desperately needs.

Below is a synopsis of the two options the report offers to the Provincial government.

The First Funding Option:

  • Gasoline and Fuel Taxes: phased increase commencing with 3 cents per litre and adding 1 cent per litre per year up to 10 cents per litre
  • Corporate Income Tax: modest increase of 0.5 per cent to the general rate
  • Provincial Portion of Harmonized Sales Tax: redeployment of the GTHA portion of the provincial part of the HST charged on gasoline and fuel taxes.

This option is fraught with difficulties. It asks the Ministry of Finance to give up some of the HST it now collects and allocates to things like health and education. The Ministry of Finance is loath to dedicate any funds to particular projects as this contracts their ability to maneuver on the budget from year to year. The first option also places a .5 percent increase on corporate income tax. This will be difficult especially if it requires Federal support and given our history, Federal support of transit funding in the GTHA over the past 40 years is sporadic at best. The increase in the gas tax may be the only viable option but even that will have its detractors.

The Second Funding Option:

  • Gasoline and Fuel Taxes: phased increase capping at 5 cents.
  • Corporate Income Tax: modest increase of 0.5 per cent to the general rate
  • A .5 per cent increase to HST

This second option is the easier of the two options. It doesn’t require tapping into funds already allocated by the Ministry of Finance, but will require real political leadership on increasing the HST by 0.5 per cent. It also calls for an increase to corporate income tax that will be a difficult if there is a need for Federal agreement.

The final transit panel report is a good attempt at moving the conversation on dedicated transit funding forward. It won’t be easy but it is the right, reasonable and responsible approach to moving the region forward, together.

You can read the full transit panel report here.


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Stop what you are doing and watch Lisa Kudrow’s character slam sexism in politics on the show Scandal

Sexism is still very real for a lot of women everywhere in their lives, but we’ve come to forget that it hurts even women who are leaders and politicians.

In a speech on the TV show Scandal that appears to have been ripped directly from Hillary Clinton’s diary, Lisa Kudrow slams the culture of sexism that still exists for female politicians in everything from the men they run against to the media that covers them.

Watch the clip and let us know what you think, does Kudrow’s character hit the nail on the head or what?


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