WATCH: Strombo tries to call Rob Ford’s office with hilarious results

You’ve got to love the tenacity of Canada’s own George Stromboulopoulos.

The talkshow host, candidate in our Toronto Fantasy Election, and my future husband took up Rob Ford’s invitation for calls from the one-off Ford Nation spectacle on Sun News Network Monday night.

Watch the clip and let us know what you think, would you watch a one-on-one interview with Strombo and Rob Ford?

Also, how lucky is that girl answering phones at Ford’s office?


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Toronto Fantasy Election

Imagine for a moment that the Fords request for a snap municipal election came to pass.

Imagine still that, instead of just the doldrum politicians in the race that some of Toronto’s best and brightest in the fields of entertainment and literature stepped up to the plat and took a swing at the mayoralty.

We came up with the Toronto Fantasy Election to satisfy our desire to see somebody, anybody else leading this city. Let’s take a look at who is in the running. If you’ve already got your mind made up scroll to the bottom of this article to cast your vote.


Meet the candidates

margaret atwood

Margaret Atwood

A living literary legend, the champion of women, libraries, and everything we love, Atwood took on the Fords not too long ago when it came to saving libraries. An incessant tweeter with an unparalleled imagination she’s already got the fan base (‘Atwood Nation’ anyone?) and the brainpower to lead. Would she make a good mayor for the City of Toronto?



Olivia Chow

Olivia Chow

It is no secret that Chow, a City Hall veteran who stepped up federally and currently sits as an NDP MP, has her eyes on Toronto’s top spot. Although no official announcement has been made from her camp it is widely believed that after a successful exploratory committee she has already put together a bare bones campaign team. Her politics are a huge departure from the Ford era of tax cuts and bike lane removals. Would she make a good mayor for the City of Toronto?



Colin Mochrie

This comedic genius would fit right into City Hall with some of the slapstick antics that have been going on there lately. Mochrie is an alumnus of Toronto’s Second City and worked on TV shows like Whose Line is it Anyway? and This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Maybe it is time Toronto elected mayor who is actively trying to be a laughingstock instead of one that isn’t purposely keeping the world in stitches. Would he make a good mayor for the City of Toronto?



John Tory

A centrist-conservative who has spent most of his life in politics, John Tory is the kind of guy we all would have expected to be mayor right now. While he may have never smoked crack he could be a perfect fit for the office he has tried at before. Perhaps we are now paying the price for overlooking the mayor-next-door all these years. Would he make a good mayor for the City of Toronto?


George Stroumboulopoulos

The former MuchMusic VJ turned CBC host, part-time CNN host and full-time dreamboat is a fixture of Toronto, having been the crush of every teenage girl to pass through the megacity from 2000 to 2005. Passionate about human rights along with arts and culture he would most likely govern on the left end of the spectrum and very likely get a lot more people watching the Rogers Cable feed of City Hall debates. Would he make a good mayor for the City of Toronto?



Rob Ford

The trainwreck nuclear meltdown supernova currently taking place at City Hall really needs no introduction. Masochists, we’ve included his name on the list should you care to vote for him. We don’t need to ask if he would make a good mayor for the City of Toronto because we already know the answer, and it is no.




Cast your vote in Toronto’s Fantasy Election below

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WATCH: Mayor Ford charges at crowd and knocks over Cllr. Pam McConnell

Everyday it is something new with Rob Ford. Like today, when the spectacle at City Hall got to be too much and Rob Ford charged at the crowd knocking over Councillor Pam McConnell. Seriously? Yep. Okay. That is my mayor.

It is almost exhausting to watch this go on and on every day.

Watch the video and let us know what you think, is Rob Ford utterly and completely out of control, or is there any semblance of a mayor left to salvage from this international trainwreck spectacle?

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WATCH: Doug Ford blows his stack in council defending brother, Mayor charges at opponent

Just when you think things can’t get any more insane in the circus that surrounds Rob Ford, like, you know, the massive protest outside City Hall today, new police files that allege prostitutes have visited the Mayor’s office, and the now doldrum crack cocaine use that Rob Ford has admitted to, things got a little more crazy.

In today’s special debate surrounding Ford’s recent actions his brother, Councillor Doug Ford, blew his stack by repeatedly demanding to know if Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong has smoked marijuana — to the point where the speaker had to shut off his microphone and call a recess.

After this was all said and done the Mayor stood up and charged at Minnan-Wong in a stance of physical intimidation while the gallery cried out that he is a bully.

Minnan-Wong, once a fierce advocate of the Fords on Council, has turned his back on the administration after the most recent slew of revelations surrounding the mayor’s crack use. Minnan-Wong has also expressed some interest in running for mayor himself.

Watch the video and let us know what you think, is this behaviour (even divorced from the context of crack cocaine) acceptable in an elected leader?


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5 reasons (of many) to wear a red poppy this Remembrance Day

This year a pacifist group in Ottawa rolled out the idea that the red poppy — you know, the one we wear to remember all the sacrifices made by our soldiers to protect our freedom — is a warmongering badge of evil and should be cast aside in favour of a white poppy.

It is easy to forget in these relatively peaceful times the reasons why we wear the poppy, and oddly enough for that we should be thankful. Thankful that we have a generation so insulated from the horrors of war that they think we should do away with the poppy pin of remembrance in favour of a white pin of peace. But there are many reasons we wear the red pin, and maybe some folks need a reminder.

The red poppy is a symbol of peace just as much as any other, and the reason we wear it is to remember the horrors of war and the selfless sacrifices made by those who have protected our nation, our safety, and our freedom so that no one will ever have to endure them again.

Here are five of the many, many reasons to wear a red poppy this Remembrance Day.

1. Wear the poppy for the Battle of Vimy Ridge

On April 9, 1917, an Easter Monday, 100,000 Canadian troops fighting within the British forces stormed a ridged area outside of the town of Vimy, France in a horrible snowstorm. Of those 100,000 Canadians 3,598 were killed and 7,004 were wounded. These were soldiers who, for the first time, were fighting for more than the British Crown — they were fighting for Canada. The spirit of our nation was created in the trenches of Vimy Ridge as our soldiers fought and died to protect Canada, and for that we should remember them by wearing a poppy.

2. Wear the poppy for the Second Battle of Ypres

This battle, waged in Belgium, was fought by Canadians within British forces alongside the French and Belgians. The battle marked the first time poison gas was used in the large scale on the western front of the war. The results were catastrophic. 70,000 men were wounded, dead, or missing after the use of chlorine gas, a chemical agent dispersed through the air that suffocated the soldiers (many of whom were conscripts) and ate away at the tissue in the lungs and eyes of soldiers until they either stumbled out into the battlefield to be shot or chocked to death on their own blood. All in the name of freedom. Wear a red poppy to remember them.

3. Wear a the poppy for Flanders Fields

Regardless of how many times you had to read the poem in elementary school take a moment to pause and think about it. At an American military cemetery John McCrae passed through the day after he his friend died in the Second Battle of Ypres. McCrae described the battle as a “nightmare” where for two straight weeks on one side was the never ending gunfire and the other side the piles of dead soldiers. McRae performed the burial of his friend and the next day while sitting in the back of an ambulance he wrote the iconic poem which describes the horrors of war juxtaposed with the gift of peace that the fallen give to the living. By wearing the red poppy you are remembering the sacrifices made by all those who were laid to rest in Flanders Fileds and swearing that these deaths were not in vain. Wear the red poppy to remember them and everything they did so that you may live in peace.

4. Wear a red poppy for the Holocaust

To argue against red poppy is not only an insult to all of those who died fighting for the freedom of Canadians and others around the world, it is an insult to those who died and survived the Holocaust. Millions of people were being helplessly exterminated before the Allied forces liberated them. These are people who were murdered while our soldiers fought to free them, Take a look at the numbers.

6 million Jews were murdered.
12.5 million Slavs were murdered.
15,000 gays were murdered.
2 million Poles were murdered.
1.5 million Romani were murdered.
250,000 million disabled people were murdered.
Countless thousands of others were murdered.

When you wear the red poppy you are remembering the brave fight our soldiers made to free those they could save and remembering those they could not.

5. Wear a red poppy to help Canadian veterans today

The poppies worn on lapels were first crafted by disabled veterans, who gave so much for us and our country, so that they could earn a small amount of money to support themselves and their families. The poppy campaign is not run by the Royal Canadian Legion to benefit veterans, many of whom need the income and support. The least you can do is respect the sacrifices they made for us here today by donating the change in your pocket for a red poppy.



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FASHION: Style experts review Ford’s crack announcement outfit

“If I looked as good as him I wouldn’t step down either.”

With the news of Rob Ford’s crack use reverberating around City Hall this week in Toronto only one question remains that even the Toronto Police and the journalistic teams of the city’s best papers haven’t been asking: was Rob Ford wearing the right outfit to announce he has used crack? We consulted with the style experts to find out!

Mayor Ford kept things simple in a black suit when he met reporters for both his proclamation and subsequent press conference. Remember that when the weather begins to get colder more muted tones are always a great way to get your message across. Black and white help RoFo give off an impression of both professionalism and style while apologizing to the people of Toronto for his crack cocaine use.

Rob Ford, a portrait of fashion in Canada. Photo by Canadian Press.

“Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of the girls on Church street wearing XXXL suit jackets with poppies this season,” says Toronto drag queen and tireless fashionista Barbie Jo Bontemps. “Style always seems to trickle down from fashion icons like Ford to the drag queens and then hit the runway in Paris.”

Always remember that for a larger man, black is your best friend. No one was thinking about Ford’s ongoing weight struggle when he wore this number at the crack press conference yesterday!

RoFo also seems to have done away with dress shirts that are his proper neck size and is starting a new trend of leaving the top button undone and covering it with his tie. Keep an eye on this — we may see much of the same at next year’s Fasion Week.

Ford’s simple black suit looks like a rack number from Brooks Brothers or Moore’s, a smart move that gives him all the style without the designer price tag, leaving him with a bit more pocket money to spend freely — and still look good doing it!

One important fashion accessory in the fall is a poppy pin in support of the Royal Canadian Legion. Ford contrasts his black suit jacket well with the red pin. To get the RoFo look and show you care about veterans, freedom, and style at your next big drug related press conference pick up your own pin at many subway stations, shopping centre entrances, and Legion halls near you for as little as a dollar! For an extra bit of flair try to get your hands on the slightly more rare felt covered poppy.

Ford also rocks a City of Toronto pin. While you may have never been mayor or the fourth largest city in North America you can still complete the look. Check out similar broaches on Etsy for around five bucks.

Don’t forget the flare! there is no need to be a bore when holding a press conference about the string of deceit and lies that he fed to voters in the aftermath of his crack tape becoming public knowledge, so Ford spiced up his outfit with an NFL team tie. Multi-coloured ties work great to breakup solid coloured suits on men!

“Vintage NFL ties are in this season.”

“Vintage NFL ties are in this season,” says Toronto based artist and style icon Andrea Pelletier, while wearing her Dallas Texans scarf. Queen West fashionistas have already been seen sporting other Father’s Day gifts as haute fashion lately including re-darned socks and coffee mugs.

The tie gives Ford a chance to have a little fun with the outfit while showing off a bit of his personality. Did you know RoFo coached a highschool football team for a number of years? You do now! By showing off his love of football on his tie Rob is letting us know he’s just a normal guy who loves football and was eventually asked to remove himself from the team he coached due to months of bad press. Try to include a little bit of your own self into the story your clothes tell.

Don’t let your fun tie get out of control! Ford’s multi-coloured neckpiece  straddles the limit, but he made sure not to let the patterns get any busier — his look lets him have a little fun but still be taken seriously as he tells Torontians he has smoked crack and lied about it for half a year.

With his brother Doug flanking him wearing a similar outfit we can’t help but wonder who wore it better, and the tie instantly pushes it in RoFo’s favour. Not since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have we seen such a stylish set of siblings with their own take on what makes them look good.

“”His graceful elegance and fashion forward thinking were the real takeaway from this press conference,” says Bontemps. “When it comes to fashion, it’s clear that yesterday was a pure victory for Mayor Ford. The public won’t soon forget his debonair portrayal of this season’s latest vestments.”

“If I looked as good as him,” says Bontemps, “I wouldn’t step down either.”


Our verdict on RoFo’s outfit:

5/5 review stars



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If Rob Ford can admit to smoking crack, how much worse is the stuff we don’t know?

“Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine.”

Rob Ford shocked Toronto today by admitting that he had smoked crack in what he described as one of his “drunken stupors” he has been slowly admitting to over the last few days. Ford said he does not remember a tape being recorded.

The mayor met a media scrum today sweating from his brow as he invited the press to re-ask him the questions they had originally asked in May. He admitted he has a problem with alcohol and reminded the media that they have seen him drunk in public several times after admitting that he had smoked crack.

In light of all the recent developments in the Rob Ford crack scandal that have erupted this week — a huge return in interest to the scandal that has been smouldering for six months — we can take away one thing: admitting to having smoked crack cocaine is Rob Ford’s easy way out.

Make no mistake, there is nothing easy about a sitting mayor facing the press and admitting that he has used crack cocaine, but if a serial liar like Rob Ford is willing to admit such a damaging fact then the press and public is only left to wonder what else is not being revealed.

Admitting to having smoked crack isn’t easy, but it is the easiest thing he can do right now to divert attention from the rest of the ongoing investigation around Lisi in which he in involved and minimize damage to his political career.

If the least damaging thing the mayor can do right now is admit to smoking crack, the police and media need to find out more about any involvement with the woman who disappeared from the crack house he was in and the murder of Anthony Smith.

The mayor’s connections to drug dealer Sandro Lisi, accusations that he has been paying the hydro bill for a crack house, a never ending stream of evidence that indicates the mayor has been driving drunk, these all appear to be just the tip of the iceberg in this scandal.

Up to this point the mayor has been fighting to maintain things as they were at City Hall, trying to get back to his election message of savings and subways, but with the announcement that the police have in their possession a copy of the video in which Rob Ford was captured smoking crack Ford has been forced to changed his game plan. Now the man is no longer trying to keep things at the status quo, but struggling to control the damage that is erupting around him.

One of the more pressing issues at stake here is the matters of the missing woman, Jaclyn Dawe, who was last seen in February at the house where Ford was recorded smoking crack around what may have been the same period of time. The other is the murder of Anthony Smith, a name that has been tied to the crack scandal since the photo emerged of Ford posing with him and two other young men, both now incarcerated and deeply involved in gang activity.

The police, using public channels to appeal to Ford for an interview, are tracing together all the dots in the case that continually hits new depths of depravity. We know that Ford was in close contact with Lisi on the day that Smith was murdered. We know that Ford has met Smith. We know that Ford was at the house where Dawe went missing, and the crack tape may have been recorded around the same time she was last seen there. We know that there is a second tape.

What we don’t know is how Rob Ford factors into Lisi’s criminal activity and how much this duo have to do with this missing woman and murdered man, and this is exactly what we need to be looking for behind Ford’s distracting admission of alcohol and drug abuse.


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Rob Ford jokes make it all the way to the Daily Show

Rob Ford’s problems have gone even more international with jokes about the troubled mayor making it all the way to the American politics/comedy show the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Check out what Stewart had to say about the new revelations in Ford’s ongoing struggle above.

What do you think, is the international embarrassment worth the priceless humour it has generated?


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3 must-watch sad gay movies

Part 1 of 3
Sad | Comedy | Epic Gay


So you’re looking for a sad movie to watch. That is understandable, the weather is getting colder and you’ve got a flurry of emotions you just need to let out from your last breakup, and sad movies have a lot less calories than chocolate. But who the hell cares to watch the epic tragedies of straight people when you can indulge in your own self pity by watching sad gay movies?

Here is a run-down of three sad gay movies to get your tear ducts working.


1. Brokeback Mountain

Notable for:

  • Being one of the most beautiful gay love stories to ever grace the screen.
  • Forever cementing its two male leads into the realm of gay fantasy.
  • Anne Hathaway delivering an epic 80s bitch performance on the phone with Heath Ledger’s character towards the end. Big hair? Check. Big nails? Check. Big attitude? Check, check, check.
  • And who can forget the scene that first romantic night up on Brokeback where Health Ledger’s character erroneously taught a generation of tops that you can just jam it in no lube, no problem?

Gay cred:
If you are a gay man and haven’t seen this movie go do it right this second. If you aren’t left bawling like a baby at the end, sorry dude, that’s it, you’re straight.


2. A Single Man

Notable for:

  • Being the directorial debut of fashion designer and known locker room towel snapper Tom Ford.
  • Being one of the most depressing movies you can watch if you are gay. Like, seriously.
  • That really sexy scene with Colin Firth getting hit on by a Spanish hustler in a liquor store parking lot.
  • Julianne Moore’s character playing the perfect fag hag. Warning ladies, this could be you at 50.

Gay cred:
This is a pretty seminal movie for gay men, but just don’t watch it on a date — it is far too depressing for anything other than lone viewing in sweat pants while looking at old photo albums. When I say depressing I mean depressing even by gay movie standards, since they’re all so depressing anyway. Try not to call any ex-boyfriends when the credits roll.


3. Weekend

Notable for:

  • Its amazing portrayal of lust/love/whirlwind emotion.
  • The two dashing British stars you will have a crush on from now into eternity after watching.
  • Did I mention the accents? Yes, cute guys with accents kissing and sexing each other.
  • Being the only movie on this list where no one dies, so if you’re trying to pick a date movie this might the the one, but why not wait for the next installment about great gay comedies? Why would anyone watch a sad movie with someone they’re trying to wheel with?

Gay cred:
While this is the newest entry on the list it is sure to be a classic, having already been inducted into the Criterion Collection. If you haven’t seen it yet at least watch it so that you can lord over your friends how you are so cultured because you watch foreign movies.



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