Katy Perry’s ‘Walking on Air’ is the only song you need to listen to for the rest of your life

Katy Perry’s new song ‘Walking on Air’ is like being made love to after decades of celibacy. It might even qualify as a semi-religious experience. ‘Walking on Air’ is everything you ever hoped would come true, and it has.

Why, you might ask, it’s probably just another run of the mill Katy Perry pop song about lesbian experiences or her husband leaving her or something.

No, you are so wrong — Katy Perry’s new song is chock full of 90s eurodance beats complete with crescendos of sweet piano and a flashes-of-Simone-Denny soulful black backup singer.

This is the song we should be broadcasting into space so alien civilizations can see that we have already reached our pinnacle as a species. This song should be build into the speaker systems of nuclear bomb shelters to give hope to future generations. We should really just force all musicians into retirement right now, since there is no human capable of making a better song than ‘Walking on Air’ is.



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Is this home design the model of a sustainable future?

City living — a pleasure and a nightmare at the same time. we’ve got the access to everything we want at our fingertips at any time of the day, but we have to give up things like space and cars that our friends in smaller communities take for granted.

Enter the L41 Home, a model for an apartment sized house that is affordable for everyone.

From the designers:
In the same way that the Model-T made it possible for the masses to own a car, so too, the key to providing a house for everyone is to minimize its size and to utilize mass-production. The L41home has specifically been designed to be a mass-produced, “State-of-the-Art” house and could become part of the important group of affordable products such as the $2,500 Tata car.


BYO Smart Car.

They market the home as being perfect for

•   First-time buyers   — Those who might not be able to afford a house until later.

•    Students     — An alternative to dorm living.

•    Seniors   — No more stack living for grandma and grandpa

•     Hotels     — Perfect for AirBNBs.

•     Emergency housing    — Easy and cheap to build after disasters.

•     Recreational    — Great for villas in tourist areas.

•    Special-needs    — Good for those with restraints due to disabilities.

•    Homeless   — Living space for those who might not otherwise have one.

•    Military   — Quick and easy spaces for military personnel and family.

•    Floating Homes   — For those who want to take their water-bed to the next level.

•    Laneway Houses    — A perfect new living space for city alleys.

•    Pied-à-terres   — For nights after the office, or perhaps an affair with your secretary.



This house could very well be the future of sustainable and affordable living for the future.



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This infographic sums up everything wrong with the Scarborough subway debate

Subways for Scarborough! LRTs for the city! Accessible transit now!

Why does it seem like, despite all the time that has passed since the death of Transit City we are having the same debates now that we did when David Miller was in office? Why does it seem that, with every passing day and every subway bandwagon jumped on by every politician at every level of government, the simple facts of the matter are being swept under the rug in favour of vote pandering?

Toronto Tweeter Ev Delen (@EvDelen) shows us the cold hard facts in this infographic.

Get ready for the most simple representation of everything wrong with the Scarborough subway debate — and everything wrong with the politicians pushing for subways.





It all seems pretty simple now, doesn’t it?



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How not to react to a text message breakup after two dates

Quin Woodward Pu is 26, lives in DC, is active on social media, and just got dumped via text message.

Before your heart goes out to this girl — let’s face it, breakups are never easy — let’s take into account what happened here and see if she really does deserve our sympathy or not. (Hint: she doesn’t.) Lucky for us she detailed the entire encounter on her blog and provided screencaps.

It all started two weeks before her 26th birthday when she met a guy at a bar who was “friendly enough, but annoyingly and sloppily drunk.” A decent start to any fantastic relationship, we’re sure.

After swapping emails (she wouldn’t give out her number) they went for “a few drinks, which eventually turned to dinner, and then champagne.” According to Quin they had “good chemistry” but, then again, she takes credit for it with the claim that she has good chemistry with everyone.

They had dinner again, which she called “equally fun” and decided to take the next step and invite him to her birthday party, a close knit event she is holding for her “closest 125 friends.”

Since this guy sadly could not make it to the party he instead invited her on a weekend trip to Virginia wine country, to which she conceded a single day trip out of the city and called it a date.

She then got a text from him which left her surprised and also, as she put it, filled with fury.


Oh no!

Well, hey, life goes on, right? He’s not the right guy for you and at least he broke things of in a very sweet and mature way. He even called her funny, smart, and cool. How could she have felt fury over this?

Lucky for us her immature reaction is forever immortalized in screenshots. Let’s read on.


Wait, what?!

Let’s dissect this.

First off, she manages to hype her cred to no one but herself. Okay, we get it, you were dumped after a couple dates and you want to make yourself feel a little bit better, and maybe rub his nose in what he’s passing up. But he already said you were nice and cool. Arguing how great you are after he already said it just seems bitchy.

Plus she’s obviously screencapping these from an iPhone 4S or earlier. At least upgrade to iOS 7 dude.

Then the bombshell. She .lives in DC, this guy is a government employee, using his work Blackberry to text her, and she just screenshotting their casual date-planning conversation prior to this and sent it to his superiors. Wow.

For someone who is trying to act as if these two dates didn’t matter she is doing a great job of showing that she is bitter as hell.

Then dragging his 9-year-old daughter into the mess? So trashy.

The worst part of is she posted it up on her blog as if she had done something worth being proud of, a sort of you-go-girl moment of victory for women everywhere who have been dumped via text message.

Except this guy comes of as a class act and needless victim and Quin Woodward Pu seems just a little dumped-girl-psycho.



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WATCH: This guy thinks Lady Gaga’s new video is full of hidden satanism

Lady Gaga’s new music video is rife with secret devil worship code, says Internet crazy person and YouTuber Bible Flock Box.

In the almost 8 minute video he goes over everything from all seeing eyes, Illuminati references, connections to Pope John-Paul II, who according to him was also in the Illuminati, demonic possession, and much, much more.

Although the middle of the video where he plays a recording from the 70s about satanism in rock music is skipable, with the ominous background music it is hard not to give some credence to his tinfoil hat satanic theories. No, scratch that, this guy is totally out to lunch.

Choice quotes:

“This music will make you become possessed too if you keep listening to it.”

“If you are praising Lady Gaga by your applause, if she has become your Hollywood idol, and she represents Satan in this music video, who are you really praising?”

I think we’ve heard enough here.



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Women of the week: Maryam and Nargues Mansouri

I meet the Mansouri sisters in the presentation gallery of the Perry. Stunningly gorgeous, it is a great illustration of why they are the builders to watch in today’s condo market.

Maryam and Nargues Mansouri are easily recognizable as siblings, sharing a cup of tea and playfully interrupting each other throughout the interview. But this familial dynamic does not affect their work environment. In fact, as the sisters tell it, it helps.

“Siblings bicker here and there and I think as part of the work experience and work life it’s easier to tell your partner how you feel about certain situations rather than keeping things pent up and inside.”

“We’re really honest with each other. It’s not rivalry though, because we’re all on the same team, trying to get to the same goal,” Nargues says.

“We have a really good dynamic and fit,” Maryam adds.

As co-vice-presidents of Mansouri Living, they take on a company created by their father, Sharok. According to the sisters, it was “really natural” for them to join the family business. As children, Maryam and Nargues were often taken by their father to sites to see what he was currently developing. “We were always surrounded by it growing up,” Nargues says.

Both are heavily involved in every step of the Perry’s development, yet each sister chose to explore different areas of the field academically and focus more on the areas that hold their strengths. This was a choice made with solid logic as, as Maryam explains, “You have an incredible mind when it comes to business and numbers and finance and legal so you get it when I don’t, and likewise.”

Their great dynamic and combined grasp of the overall process is vital, given the competition they are up against. Toronto has an oversaturated housing market, with more condos under development that any other city in North America.

“From the beginning we knew it was going to be an issue, so we really tried to make the Perry different. It came down to the finishes, the scale, the location. Just the details we put into every single suite, regardless of the size,” Nargues says.

The result is a design that encapsulates the word elegance. People who come to live in the Perry get beautifully designed suites furnished by Poliform, a membership to the Perry’s executive concierge service, Quintessentially, and access to the building’s incredible extra features, which include a piano lounge and the serenity garden.

What’s a serenity garden? This feature of the building was designed to serve as an oasis to today’s busy business life. The logic behind it: “Take 10 minutes to relax and that makes all the difference,” Nargues says. To businesswomen who spend so much time in the concrete jungle, it is the ideal escape.

As well, the Perry was designed with sustainability in mind. This, the Mansouris stress, was very important. Plumbing and lighting choices were made to create an environmentally-sound structure and green products were (and are) used throughout the building.

In such a competitive market, it is fantastic to see two women rise above the pack and create an all-around quality condo residence that people will be happy to call home. Watch for the Perry as it joins the ranks of successful condo developments. And watch for Maryam and Nargues Mansouri as they join the ranks of real estate titans.

Two tickets to La Lupi

Dying to see a performance that makes you say olé? Women’s Post is offering one reader the chance to win a pair of tickets to see La Lupi, courtesy of the Toronto International Flamenco Festival. This is your chance to enjoy the show from the best seats in the house. Intrigued? Enter today for your chance to win.

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