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Toronto Issue Panel: John Lorinc, Tess Kalinowski, Ivor Tossell join Sarah Thomson and Travis Myers today

Tune in to 89.5 CIUTFM in Toronto (or online) today at 9am to listen to the first part of an impressive panel trying to get to the bottom of Toronto’s big issues.

Join John Lorinc, Tess Kalinowski, Ivor Tossell along with your host Sarah Thomson with Travis Myers.

The experts get down to the nitty gritty of the issues with City Hall, Toronto Police, Rob Ford, the Scarborough Subway, and much more.



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HAPPY FRIDAY: Here is a blog dedicated to cute boys with cats

Another week come and gone. What better way to sail off into the weekend than with a collection of photos of cute boys with their cats?

Thankfully there is a blog for that. is chock full of photos of handsome dudes showing their softer side with their furry companions.

Here is a sampling. Warning, your heart might melt.


For more cuteness check out Cute Boys With Cats.



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Toronto Transit Alliance shortlisted for ‘Best Clean Capitalism Project of the Year’

The Transit Alliance, led by Women’s Post publisher Sarah Thomson along with Sarah Patterson, has been shortlisted for the Clean50 award for Best Clean Capitalism Project for the year.

The purpose of the Clean50, created by Delta Management Group, is “to identify and recognize 50 individuals (or small teams) who have made the greatest contributions to sustainable development or clean capitalism in Canada.”

The group allows the public to choose the winner from the shortlisted top fifteen projects on their website.




For more information on the the Transit Alliance check out

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LISTEN: Celine’s brand new track

Céline is back with her brand new track Loved Me Back to Life.

The song is very catchy with some electric guitar riff and those soaring Céline vocals we’ve come to expect from the Canadian queen of song and a chorus that is bound to be stuck in your head for weeks to come.

What do you think of the new track? Has Céline still got it? Let us know in the comments!


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WATCH: Someone get this girl a record deal! Girl sings karaoke Whitney in the mall and OWNS it

Zendee Rose Tenerefe is  obviously destined for stardom. The singer, known to YouTube as simple a “random girl” in the mall when the video first surfaced, tired out for the X Factor singing competition series in the Philippines and has made a habit of singing for audiences at the karaoke station in her local mall.

Can someone get this girl a record deal ASAP?

The buzz around her YouTube performance even landed her a gig on Ellen, check it out below.



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Women of the week: Susan Jamieson

Sometimes a personal crisis can give you the needed perspective to change your life.

In 1995, Susan Jamieson’s daughter was diagnosed with A-plastic Anemia. Doctors prescribed a treatment of blood transfusions, a treatment neither her daughter nor Jamieson supported.

“We are grateful to live in a country that respects religious freedoms and our family supported our daughter’s constitutional right to ask that hers be respected. Now 31, Tarin still remains the youngest child in Canada to have gone to court and ask for the right to have a say in her medical management,” says Jamieson.

Prior to her daughter’s illness, Jamieson had overseen marketing and sales programs for numerous high profile companies such as Sheraton Hotels, American Express, Budweiser and Pepsi. She took a leave of absence to focus on this medical battle but in 2001, with the disease in remission, Jamieson returned to the work world with a new, more refined focus.

She now serves as a managing partner in JoSuTa Group, a company whose directive is “A desire to help people be healthy.” With clients such as Greenzone, Food Diva and Score-Up, JoSuTa is helping people make informed decisions and working to make the world a better place.

A fine example of her impact: In 2007, she travelled to Dubai to be a guest on a radio show and discuss organic fertilizer. Her segment would prove to be incredibly popular, bringing in a floodgate of callers. The show quickly made the decision to cancel the other scheduled guests and Jamieson was the featured guest for the full hour.

In 2012, Jamieson learned about First Do No Harm. Produced by Asia Geographic Entertainment, this documentary, according to its website, details the “controversial and paternalistic” history of blood transfusions and “the knee-jerk rejection of new knowledge because it contradicts entrenched norms.”

Very excited by the concept of the film, Jamieson sought out the producer and asked for Canadian distribution rights.

“You might say I came to the table a little more motivated than most,” she says.

A key source for her pitch: “She Decides: How to Reach the Most Important Audience for Your Health Campaign,” a report published by Fenton Communications which details the critical role women play in making health decisions for their families.

Once she successfully secured the rights, Jamieson began reaching out to Canadian and U.S. companies, using both her personal story and statistics on targeting the women’s segment of the market. Her goal, she says, is to get these companies to support a potential paradigm shift on the subject of blood transfusion use.

“I am not interested in starting a discussion about individual choice – the question I am asking all women to think about and answer for themselves is have you made an informed choice about the use of blood in your medical management?”

“Yes, I recommend all women make the time to watch the film, educate themselves and then consider, with the assistance of your family doctor, what your stand on blood transfusion use is for your family,” concludes Susan.